01. We research and discover

Creating a connection with your audience is essential. To figure out how to reach them, we research and dig deep. We discover what makes you different, where your band should go and create the tools to take it there. This is fuelled by the belief that a brand isn't just about a beautiful new logo or website, it is about creating engaging brand experiences that your audience believes in.

02. We don’t do standard

We don’t have a standard approach or style that we apply to each project. We take on each project with the same passion and treat every challenge with a new view, tailored to your audience’s needs. Our process is built on getting to know you and your goals and use design as a tool to get there.

03. We invest in long-lasting relationships

We believe in the importance of working closely with our clients for long periods to get the best results. This is both beneficial for us and our clients as we gain in-depth knowledge of their business and clients. Over the years this has resulted in us being there with our clients, from their start-up phase to them becoming well established profitable businesses.

04. We work with anyone, anywhere

Working internationally is innate for us, as we have worked with clients in multiple timezones since the start of Studio Lake. We have the expertise and are experienced in developing and growing relationships with clients abroad. Whenever we need to, we adjust our work hours, making sure we have at least a 4-hour overlap every day - no matter where you are.

Studio Lake is a design studio in the Netherlands, refining brands from all over the world. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve worked with our clients to turn good ideas into sustainable businesses and helped established organizations to meet the demands of modern media.
We have perfected working with clients in different timezones and have the experience and expertise to work with anyone, anywhere. Here, in Europe or 7697 kilometers away in Vancouver, Canada. We leverage technology to manage our projects, no matter where you are. Studio Lake is run by Nanda van der Meer, an art director and designer with over 10+ years of experience working with brands in Europe and North-America.

What we've been up to this month

Implementing new brand and packaging design for Satya Organics

Updated brand and new website for Hapa Collaborative

Brand, packaging and e-commerce for iiNook handcrafted montessori beds

We’ve launched a brand new Studio Lake website