Hapa is a successful landscape architecture firm in Vancouver. Five years after launching, it was time for a rebrand.The most recognizable element in their existing identity was the symbol of a leaf, used in Hapa’s logo.


Studio Lake designed a new, contemporary wordmark that spotlighted this feature and cut away the clutter. The shape of a leaf can now be found in the open space of the letter ‘P’, a subtle reference to their work with nature. Combined with a clean sans-serif typeface and a refreshing color scheme, the resulting brand identity is refined but impactful.

Outside of the logo, the geometric form can be used in a variety of ways, for example as a standalone icon or as a frame for imagery. To ensure consistency across Hapa’s communication channels, we also applied the identity to a series of templates to be used for RFPs and publications.

The new Hapa brand identity was designed in 2014 after which we continued a succesfull relationship, resulting in a redesigned of the Hapa website in 2019.