Launched in 2015, civic start-up New/Mode operates with one main mission: to power democratic participation wherever the open Internet exists. The company builds and provides digital tools that help empower supporters and manage winning campaigns.
Studio Lake was approached to carry out a full brand analysis and to propose an evolution of New/Mode’s identity and website. In both cases, there was a great need to improve their visibility in the market. To do so, we developed a sharp new visual language for New/Mode which matches the company’s progressive attitude.


We redesigned the New/Mode logo, combining the energetic forward slash with a rounded typeface that looks both professional and friendly. This subtle tension between angular elements and soft details feature across all aspects of the rebrand – from logo to web design and a new illustration style. Together, they help position New/Mode as a competitive brand. The website was competely redesigned to be progressive, informative and user-oriented.